Shop With a Hero Program

Shop With a Hero is an annual event were The children of the community have a opportunity to shop with a first responder for Christmas. It is a very special program that the first responders work very hard for all year to insure that every child has something on that special morning. I would like to take a moment and thank some of the departments

not in a particular order Paris Fire Department The Bourbon County Sheriffs office and those who work tirelessly with me at the Paris Police Department. I would also Like to take a moment and thank you the community with out your support and generosity non of this would be possible thank you. you will continue to see the first responders out in the community holding events to support the Shop with a Hero program so stop in and say hi. I look forward to seeing you at are next event. All events will be posted on are face book page and or in are local paper.

Shop With A Hero for Bourbon-Paris has acquired Venmo capabilities to allow for mobile pay. Venmo user is @ShopWithAHero-Paris

Best Wishes,
Paris Police Department/Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office